Dubai Global Partnership Series: Russia

1 December 2021

Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of the Russian Federation and the Russia — UAE Business Council, presents Dubai Global Partnership Series: Russia

The Dubai Global Partnership Series aims to give businesses access to markets beyond the local boundaries, aiming to help them in their decisions to expand. The first three sessions of the Dubai Global Partnership Series focused on common economic interests and trade opportunities between Dubai and the following countries: Vietnam, Israel and Kazakhstan. This edition will focus on common areas of collaboration with Russia.

Join the event for insights on the most relevant updates on the growth of the business relations between Dubai and Russia across several sectors. After an overview of the areas of potential trade development, the panel discussion “Connecting Markets through Technology and Innovation” will focus on the collaboration possibilities for tech-companies in both countries. The meeting will end with a Q & A session. Participation is free.

Save the date: May 25, 2021
Beginning at 11:00 a.m. Dubai time.

Registration for the webinar:

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