Incona managing partner participated in the meeting with the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources of the UAE

1 December 2021

In December 11, 2015 Vice-president of Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, Georgy Petrov hosted a meeting with the Deputy Minister of the Environment and Water Resources, United Arab Emirates Abdulrahim Al Hamadiat. The event was also attended by INCONA Managing Partner, the Chairman of the Committee on foreign economic cooperation with partners in the United Arab Emirates from Moscow Chamber of Commerce Alexey Busev and by Director of the Department on External Relations and Work with Business Councils Vladimir Padalko.

During the meeting, Abdulrahim Al Hamadi pointed to the importance of the Russian-Emirati Business Cooperation. The Deputy Minister spoke in details about the action taken by the leadership of the UAE in order to diversify the economy of the Emirates and directed into a change in the energy balance of the country. According to him, in the nearest future the UAE will be able to abandon the use of hydrocarbons in favor of renewable energy sources for electricity generation. Further development will also have nuclear power. Russian corporation «Rosatom» is planned to carry out fuel supply for nuclear plant.

Deputy Minister of the Environment and Water Resources told about UAE government plans on removing all barriers to activate the trade between the UAE and other countries, including the Russian Federation. Abdulrahim Al Hamadi announced plans to make a smooth entry into the UAE for halal and agricultural products from the Russian Federation.

In return Georgy Petrov mentioned the steps taken by the Russian Chamber of Commerce in order to enhance bilateral trade and economic cooperation, as well as additional measures to help strengthen the work in this direction. Vice President of Russian Chamber of Commerce invited the representatives of UAE business to participate in the international “Prodexpo” exhibition, scheduled on 8-12 February 2016 in Moscow. During his speech Alexey Busev talked about categories of products in demand in the UAE and Russian markets. This information is having a huge value for the Russian companies in order to plan efficiently expansion into the UAE market, and for UAE business representatives with an interest in the Russian market. Abdulrahim Al Hamadi has confirmed the high level of interest in working with Russian partners.

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